Posted by: CJ | March 21, 2010

Policies of which I Also Approve: Fantasy Edition

This is an addition to my other post. These are policies (and, I suppose, a court change) that I would like to see, but am less adamant about. Either because they’re less researched or because their practical difficulties are huge.

Policies I’m Partial To, But Less Sure About (In No Particular Order)

  • Give teenagers shots to make them unable to get pregnant or impregnate anyone. Keep doing this until they’re 21. (This is, of course, utterly infeasible. Amongst other things, certain communities in the US think 21 is “too old” to have children, and would consider this policy akin to prejudice or, on the paranoid side, murder and the beginnings of genocide.)
  • Give everyone the right to 1 child. These rights can be bought, sold, and traded. So if you want more than 1 child, you need to buy it from someone who needs/wants the money more than they need/want a child. (Yes, I’m aware this will make children status symbols. But you know what? In this culture we treat status symbols better than we treat children. Just think of the care lavished on an expensive care, home, TV, or whatever. I think this will make children more loved and cared for, too.)
  • Overturn Roe v. Wade. I’m pro-choice, but I want abortion removed as a political issue. Forcing states legislatures to decide, and deal with any loss of business their policies would incur, will take care of that, over time. I’m aware my viewpoint is heartless, cold, calculating, and morally questionable. But I believe it’s the right decision, long-term. Unlike gay-rights, this issue isn’t quickly going away with succeeding generations. But I think it will start to if people have to deal with a post-Roe v. Wade world.
  • Create a US version of the BBC. I think US news is going downhill as a private enterprise, but that it needs to stay in existence for democratic institution reasons.
  • Make taking a computer science course standard for high school college prep curriculum. Learning to program is like an interactive introduction to formal logical thinking. This is important.
  • Institute a water tax, similar to a carbon tax. Water is also a precious resource, and we’ve overusing it already. The only reason I’m less sure on this than carbon tax is because I haven’t seen long discourse on it’s technicalities as I have with carbon taxes.
  • Eliminating estate taxes in favor of higher capital gains taxes. If the wealthy really want to leave their wealth to their children instead of the government or society, then whatever. If their children are also capable then society doesn’t lose that much. If they aren’t then the children will be parted with their money soon enough. (I’ve read enough accounts of wealthy families losing their wealth over the course of several generations to believe this.) On the other hand, the idea of earning money based on having money galls me more. Tax that.
  • Make the Senate into a glorified House of Lords. Give them veto power, at around 55 or 60 votes, and that’s it.
  • Expand the size of the House of Reps. They need to represent smaller pools of people.
  • Break some states up. Specifically California, Texas, New York, and Florida. They’re too big, and too heterogenous. I propose breaking California up into 3 states and Texas, New York, and Florida into 2. Though I’m note wedded to that proposal. That division would make each new state roughly similar in size to Mid-Atlantic and Great Lakes states. I believe this would have many beneficial consequences.
  • Put some sort of age limit on senators and congressmen/women. Or at least make them pass some sort of physical ability and mental acuity test. It’s embarrassing the degree of mental and physical invalidity we allow in our Federal representatives, especially given how demanding the job has become.
  • I would not object to chemical castration of Senators, congressmen, and presidents when they took office. At least not too much. It’s not that I think they must be sexual puritans. I just want them to avoid stupid distractions. And, let’s face it, chemical castration (and some equivalent for females) would make some of them think twice about whether they’re that dedicated or not. The downside is we’re left with people who really, really love power. But we’re almost there anyways, so let’s just castrate them and be done with it.
  • Legalize assisted suicide, make it freely available. Also make burial/cremation arrangements free of charge for those who undergo it. Everyone has the right to say that’s it, they’re done. No exceptions. For those under age 25, a period of several month counseling must be gone through first. For those with financial dependents arrangements must be made first for someone to take care of the dependents.
  • Initiate civil exams for candidates for state and federal legislature and executive office. The exams are required, and answers are published. There is no “passing” or “failing”. Exam questions are also freely published, and the questions attempt to be as non-subjective as possible. They go over basic law-making questions, basic fact questions related to current issues, basic science, basic math, and basic (and completely factual) history. Solutions are not published, instead relying on the media to sort it out. The questions are supposed to be as factual as possible, as stated. This will give voters an idea of how knowledgeable a candidate is on their own. They don’t have to be geniuses, but voters should have some idea how stupid they are.


  1. So this a an interesting platform–I’m sure you should run for something now!

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