Posted by: CJ | March 20, 2010

Policies of which I Approve

A blogger I was reading several days ago made the point that everyone has various policies, big or little, that they think could solve many (every?) problem were they adopted. So here are some of my various pet policies I’d liked to see adopted.

Policies I’m Sure I Want Adopted (In No Particular Order)

  • Legalize Pot. And tax it. (My hope is this will also help reduce prison populations.)
  • Legalize Prostitution. And tax it. If it causes marital difficulties then it’s the marriage’s fault, not the prostitute’s.
  • Universal Healthcare. (I believe it is feasible, based on the sheer number of other countries that have it. I’m also pro-universal healthcare as a remedy to the inherent anti-poly, anti-casual relationships discrimination of the current healthcare setup.)
  • Implement Carbon Taxes or Cap and Trade. We have a lot of schemes right now from people trying to determine from data where carbon is used and how much of it can be reduced or changed and at what price. I barely believe a word of it. The ways we use energy are just so complex and multi-faceted that I think it’s beyond understanding based on simple data analysis. Let’s just increase the price of it and see what happens.
  • Install (easily accessible, easy to read) energy and water usage monitors in all homes. Make it easy for people to keep track of their electricity and water usage.
  • Institute congestion taxing in major cities. (Like NYC, Boston, and LA.) This is a cost people incur for driving in major cities. It reduces congestion and has been successfully implemented in London.
  • Pass a law requiring all these new taxes to go to balancing the budget and paying down the national debt. Other than universal healthcare, I’m largely uninterested in new social programs.
  • Ditch DADT. (Don’t ask, don’t tell.)
  • Eliminate several of our overseas bases, and reduce the size of the military budget. Get out of Iraq and Afganistan, with a phased withdrawal and low-level bases staying in the region if necessary.
  • End beef subsidies. Beef is very expensive to raise, environmentally unfriendly in large quantities, and unhealthy in large quantities to boot.
  • Stop having presidential caucuses start in Iowa and Maine. They’re two of the most unrepresentative states in the nation and I can’t stand how much they determine things. Screw ’em. Instead either do a phased serious of two or three primaries of approximately the same size and approximately similar demographics. Or just have the whole primary done at once to determine two candidates and then have a run-off between them.
  • Make Supreme Court judgeships an 18-year term. So a new Supreme Court justice is nominated and confirmed every 2 years. This makes this regular and should cut down on how vicious Supreme Court nominations are.
  • Strong public financing for Congressional and Presidential elections.
  • End the Cuba trade embargo. By this point it’s not even comical, just embarrassing.
  • Legalize assisted suicide. For this post, I’ll restrict assisted suicide to the elderly and invalid, or something along those lines.

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