Posted by: CJ | March 8, 2010

Old Links

I’m cleaning out my bookmarks. There are a bunch of posts other people wrote I meant to comment on, but got sidetracked. So this is part of a series of posts of me getting around to making quick note of them and chiming in.

  1. This blog post is advice about getting advice. It’s good, and can be boiled down to a few principles. Listen to people who don’t like you–they’ll be better at providing criticism–and don’t assume you’re special in anyway. People who don’t seem to have any difficulties are bad people to ask. Also, ask people who’re in the position you want to be in 5-10 years from now, not 20 years from now, because they’re in a better position to give immediately useful advice.
  2. A how-to on conversational terrorism. A lot of it is obvious to people who’ve been practicing it for years, or dealing with others who practice it for years. But amusing. Possibly useful, too, as someplace to refer someone who’s being a conversational terrorist.
  3. Reducing the federal budget will entail screwing over at least one large group of someones. The only question is if we’ll do it in a fair and equitable way or not. Looking at the history of America, I’m guessing not. I’m also guessing whatever choice we make will still be hailed as a triumph of American spirit in future textbooks. A related matter is that, due to both government policy and economic issues, suburbia is largely being ignored. I’m fine with that, but suburbanites might feel left out.
  4. Arnold Kling thinks Ayn Rand is beloved by people who are “low on Agreeableness”. And Kling’s a reliable libertarian.

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