Posted by: CJ | March 8, 2010

Babies and Painting Fences

Talking to people about things that bother me is usually interesting. Provided they can understand what’s bothering me.

A friend today told me about two interesting things in her life.

After she had a baby, her social circle completely changed. People that used to be (she thought) good friends moved on and/or disappeared. For whatever reason. Possibly because they didn’t like kids, possibly because they had issues figuring out how to socialize with someone who had real responsibilities to a child, or maybe just because they weren’t really willing to work around someone else’s schedule that much.

It all strikes me as understandable, but bizarre.

She also talked about a guy she sometimes did and sometimes didn’t find attractive. She mostly found him attractive when he was dating someone else, but the attraction disappeared (or greatly diminished) when he was no longer dating someone else. I guess that friendship was prone to ups and downs.

In any case, fascinating…


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