Posted by: CJ | February 27, 2010

Stray Throughts, Avatar Sucks Edition

A few stray thoughts.

  1. I was immensely distressed for several weeks because a sign at a movie theatre implied Avatar had won 9 academy awards. I took that as a sign that our civilization needed 40 days and nights of rain to wash away the shame. But, after quickly looking at wikipedia, I see it was only nominated for 9 awards and won none. That cheers me up.
  2. Various statistically minded people have been saying for awhile now that 2010 doesn’t look good for Democrats. And this doesn’t necessarily have to do with them as much as with the fact that the economy is bad and people want to exercise their right to fire whoever is in charge. I’m not sure what to think about this.
  3. After a long discussion with a friend a few days ago, he decided he was unpersuaded by my syllogistic logic. I explained to him that, as a country or as a world, we deserve the problems I think we’ll have in the next 100 years because we saw some of them coming and decided to ignore them. Since that reasoning didn’t move him, I’m getting back by posting on my anonymous blog. I’m sure that will show him.

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