Posted by: CJ | January 27, 2010

What hoops should a wannabe parent have to jump through?

I spent 10 minutes watching this video on youtube of a 9/12/2009 Tea Party Protest in DC. A bunch of people in it were mouthing off about Obama, healthcare, etc..

I was amazed, yet again, by how passionately these people seem to hold opinions they haven’t thought particularly hard about. It makes me wonder a couple things.

The first is what unconsidered prejudices and beliefs I hold. I am unsure, and also unclear how I could discover them on my own.

The second is what those people (and people in general) believe should be the requirements for someone to be a parent. Should there be any requirements? What types of requirements? Who should the requirements apply to? How should they be enforced? (And, for an interesting variant, first ask the questions about hypothetical potential parents that belong to a group the respondee doesn’t belong to, and then to a group they do belong to.) Their responses should be great to hear for entertainment value alone, but I’m also curious what happens when they’re forced to think about actually implementing a policy whose ramifications they can easily understand.

Where’s Stanley Milgram when you need him?



  1. There’s a first hoop-the people considering parenthood must first qualify as adults. Try defining that–especially in a way that people can agree on. Then decide if enforced abortion will be used to stop unauthorized pregnancies. Welcome to sci-fi.

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