Posted by: CJ | January 24, 2010

Vampires & Autism

I have serious issues with Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and other assorted additions to the vampire fiction club. You see, I’ve been there since before it was either trendy or a tween breeding ground. I was reading Anne Rice, Brian Lumley, and others when I was in middle school. So vampires of all stripes, from mundane horror to angsty over-wrought vaguely erotic melodrama, are part of my childhood.

And now these bloody fools are going and making crappy mockeries of my childhood stories. They’re trying to transform it into a subgenre of the trendy tween and 20something trashy romance merry-go-round. These people are monsters; I’m not sure if even the Catholics have a hell loathsome enough to damn them to.

For similar reasons, I have issues with labeling people as high-functioning autistics or having Asperger’s Syndrome. The traits they talk about were my childhood, and we didn’t have names for it. There wasn’t any real support group or nation-wide sufferers of some condition I belonged to. It was just my family, myself, and my own personal demons.

I don’t know if I’m high-functioning autistic or have OCD or Asperger’s. But I don’t particularly like being told that after 20-some odd years of being a very unique snowflake in a family line full of particularly unique snowflakes, I’m actually just yet another person with a disorder lots of people have. Even worse, a trendy disorder, or at least trendy for parents to claim their academically-talented, socially-underdeveloped children have. And, since I’ve grown and learned how to manage particular parts of my depressive/obsessive/emotional volatility tendencies, I’m (comparatively) not even that much of a basket case anymore. Especially in the context of science graduate school. So it’s no longer myself and my family vs. the world, but me, my family, and a bunch of clueless soccer moms vs. …,well,…I’ll get back to you on that.

I am, in a word, unamused.



  1. Not everyone can merge vampires and Aspies in one post. I take my fangs off to you.

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