Posted by: CJ | January 12, 2010

Random Links

Here are several random links. I wish I had more time to comment on them further, but it’s a pretty busy term. So I don’t think I will, but I also don’t want to forget to mention them.

  1. Thomas Benton has an advice article in the Chronicle of Higher Education. It is interesting, and the title says it all: “Graduate School in the Humanities: Just Don’t Go.”
  2. Tyler Cowen has an impressive post with some advice on advice. Ben Casnocha adds a few more.
  3. Richard Florida makes a lot of money selling hope to cities desperate for it. If he’s selling anything else is questionable.
  4. Ryan Avent points out that most urban economies are, at least right now, growing more prosperous mostly where they’re already prosperous. And, he argues, that phenomena is fundamentally because thriving urban economies are about people. Specifically, that people and businesses want to move to where other interesting people already are. From the perspective of small rust belt towns and cities, this is a very depressing idea. But it makes sense. Enough sense that I’m unsure if there’s anything to do other than accept that the continuing decline of the rust belt is, at this point, unavoidable. What I am truly unsure of is to what extent different choices earlier would have changed the current trajectory of the rust belt.

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