Posted by: CJ | December 11, 2009

What else did I miss?

About 1/2 a year ago, I realized I hadn’t really followed the plot any of the times I’d seen Grease.

I had a similar feeling last night watching “A Charlie Brown Christmas”. I didn’t know it even had a plot. I only remembered the parts where Charlie Brown gets the tree, Linus quotes the bible, and then everyone decorates the tree at the end. The movie is a lot shorter, and a lot funnier, than I realized. I almost couldn’t stop laughing. It makes me wonder what other movies I saw when I was young and completely misunderstood.

Of course, this was after having watched “Snape’s Diary” and “Mysterious Ticking Noise” at Potter Puppet Pals. Googling after watching  “Snape’s Diary” made me realize the existence of a copious literature of Snape/Ron fanfic. Thankfully, that’s a train crash I can look away from. Though, since librarians were so surprised at what good readers children were once they were given Harry Potter books, I wonder if english teachers would be surprised at what good writers children are if they’re allowed to write Potter fanfic? It’s a thought anyway.



  1. I’m well aware that some of my students write excellent fanfic. I just can’t comment on it or I’ll be fired.

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