Posted by: CJ | December 10, 2009

Annoying Misunderstandings and Hollywood

Monk is a funny show. I makes me laugh and I like watching it. But I have reservations about letting other people watch it.

I have OCD. To me Monk is a fantastical character, a mish-mash of hollywood and neurological disorder that’s kitschy and funny. But it makes it harder for me to describe OCD and my particular issues to people who’ve seen Monk and take that as their basis for OCD. To them it’sa quirky obsession with cleanliness and order. To me it’s a variety of manifestations, including obsessions with cleanliness, pack-ratism, getting obsessively stuck on certain thoughts, and nearly uncontrollable depressive episodes that can last anywhere from days to years. And all of which vary in degree from minor distractions to major components of one’s life that must be structured around.

It’s not that Monk is somehow supposed to not be funny because it involves a condition I have. It’s that people who watch it can get the wrong impression that they somehow understand me better because they have a clue what OCD is or means. But they don’t. And I wish Monk, or most shows based around a disease or profession, made a bigger deal about how stylized their depictions are.


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