Posted by: CJ | November 23, 2009

Gore? Unfunny? Bah!

Just saw Gore on SNL for NBC’s green week. And I have to say, Al Gore’s delivery of deadpan humor is awesome. The man knows how to not crack a smile under any circumstances. And, as a lover of deadpan humor, it makes me realize how tragic the 2000 election campaign coverage must have been. My guess is too many reporters were too stupid to realize when Gore was being funny because he knew you don’t have to laugh at your own jokes but they didn’t.

I think we need a comedy re-education camp for those reporters. Just as soon as they’re done going through tribunal for crimes against humanity for aiding and abetting the election of Bush and, even worse, the crazed circle of advisers surrounding him. The only reason I consider them above the Yahoo! website’s programming team is the 8 years of amazing political comedy and satire the Bush years bequeathed us.

Anyways, back to the regularly scheduled programming…



  1. hehehehe

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