Posted by: CJ | November 18, 2009

Still Nativist after all these years

The title refers to the US itself, not me.

I spent awhile reading about nativism on wikipedia today. (Part of reading about Anti-Catholocism, nativism, and eugenics because it was linked to from the Lovecraft article I was reading.) I hadn’t really realized just how long a history nativism had in the US. I had thought it was mostly a phenomena that started up around times of huge immigrant waves, but apparently it’s more than that.

It got me thinking about immigrant waves from the past compared to current ones. And historical flukes. I wonder how common the german language would be in the US if not for WWI and WWII. I know that in many parts of the midwest around the outbreak of WWI there were still german-speaking communities.

In other words, I want some good alternative history fiction where the US sided with Germany in WWI or stayed out of WWI altogether. There has to be some…


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