Posted by: CJ | November 17, 2009

Gimme that ol’ time font and scroll

Whatever imbecile designed the over-full pop-up fest that is the current Yahoo! homepage deserves worse than whatever he is getting. Much worse. I won’t be satisfied until it’s reduced to public performances as Gilbert Gottfried’s man-whore in order to get hand-outs from people letting their children kick it. (I refuse to acknowledge that programmer as a human being. It’s fascination with endless crap to screw up any notion of pleasure while web-browsing is proof enough that it doesn’t count as one.)



  1. […] worse, the crazed circle of advisers surrounding him. The only reason I consider them above the Yahoo! website’s programming team is the 8 years of amazing political comedy and satire the Bush years bequeathed […]

  2. You’re amusing me so much.

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