Posted by: CJ | November 11, 2009

School Sports & Healthcare

Health care blogging is all the rage amongst the wonkish right now, and has been for months. So I guess I want to throw my two cents in. I do not have the expertise to evaluate all the myriad programs under consideration. Like everyone else I, of course, think something to help control costs and streamlining the claims process would be great things. I also think universal medical care is, barring some evidence that it would somehow be truly, horribly detrimental to society, a really good and moral idea.

But, I also think some commenters (such as Arnold Kling) have a good point when they say quality health care can be expensive and it would be excellent if people were more aware of that expense. Say, by making a higher co-pay or something. Then individuals would have a more personal stake in the cost, which could help avoid people engaging in foolishly risky behavior, overusing resources, or even abusing the resources.  And there are certainly plenty of examples of people overusing or abusing resources–I’m a professional at living under a rock and even so I know people who regularly make doctor’s visits either for themselves or for a kid so they can avoid work or get perscription drugs.

But one thing all the discussion about health care has me thinking about is sports. Specifically high school and college sports. People play a lot of sports. And they get injured. A lot.

But sports is rather central to American culture and to the American pre-college school experience. Important too, at least according to some, as a way of teaching commitment, responsibility, teamwork, etc.. So I’m curious…to people who want to make healthcare harder to get, or more expensive, or keep it in its current inequitable state, what do they think about school sports? How should medical care for players be dealt with, and should it be provided equally to all schools somehow? In otherwords, does every child have a right to play sports without worrying that any trip or fall could financially ruin their family?



  1. It’s not enough to wonder if your tax dollars will pay for abortions or if women at high risk for breast cancer should be penalized somehow? Or if fat people should not be covered? Geeeeesh—how am I going to enjoy high school football playoffs if I’m worrying about this?

    Glad you’re blogging again!

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