Posted by: CJ | September 28, 2009

End? or just a break?

It’s been ages and ages since I posted here. And that’s partially because it’s been ages and ages since I though I had a really coherent thought. Or something really worth saying. But I guess I’ll break my silence with some hulu-inspired thoughts.

  1. She-Ra was popular? Really? The 80’s were so strange.
  2. And can anyone explain Speed Racer to me? Awful barely begins to describe it.
  3. The Pink Panther cartoons haven’t aged well, at least for me. Judging my conversations with friends my age, very few of our beloved Saturday morning cartoons have. As far as I’m concerned, this is the foremost national tragedy on our agenda.
  4. Airwolf seems like Knight Rider, except worse. When you’ve sunk below David Hasselhoff, you really need to reassess your life.

I’m still debating whether to resume trying to post, so no promises about when the next update will be…


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