Posted by: CJ | June 4, 2009

The bountiful tubes of the internet

It seems like  a good bet, based on the procrastinations on the net I and my friends have found, that the west coast may have finally corrupted me. Here’s my bountiful haul.

  1. Stoning non-virgin brides youtube. Finally, a youtube video talking about what a state whose laws reflected Leviticus would look like.
  2. Magnum PI/Han Solo Mashup. The only true crime is that I started googling for fanfic to see what I’d find.
  3. Awkward Boners. A site dedicated to a perfectly natural problem coming up at the wrong moment. BONUS: You can vote for how awkward or understandable the guy’s position is.
  4. New Links. I’ve found a new comic, Dr. McNinja, that I’m linking to. It’s great. Obsidian Wings has had some good stuff lately, so I’m linking to them too. Lolcats is too funny not to link to, and Ecocomics is a blog discussing the economics of the comic book world. It’s surprisingly funny. (Such as discussions about how big the construction business must be in the comic book world given how often everything is razed to the ground.) Under the same line of reasoning (humor) I’m also linking to encyclopedia dramatica and wikimaniacs. The later is funny, the former detrimental to sanity. Consider yourself warned.

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