Posted by: CJ | April 21, 2009

Market failures in the midwest, racism edition

A few days ago I was told something about my hometown that had me shocked. Over the past two decades foreign companies occasionally look at my hometown and start considering opening a factory there. They never have, but some have looked into it. They’ve all stopped once they realized that there were laws requiring the employees of the factory to have the same racial composition as the surrounding area. They didn’t want to hire that many black people so they would instead locate the factories elsewhere, sometimes just a few miles outside of my hometown.

Globalism is wonderful and all, but reliance on international companies for investment in troubled areas of the US is apparently too utopian.

I wouldn’t be so outraged if it was merely a case of a small to medium sized midwestern city being unable to being in jobs. It is a slow and agonizing death to the city, but it’s at least fair. Racism disqualifying that city, and yet again screwing over a disadvantaged minority simply because it’s convenient, is something else entirely. Communities of disadvantaged minorities will never truly get a chance to escape perpetual poverty, and all the cultural problems coming with it, until they have a chance at truly middle-class jobs. They deserve opportunities, and if commercial interests are unwilling to give that then I really wish the government somehow could. I don’t see who else will.


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