Posted by: CJ | April 15, 2009


Here are a few interesting links.

  1. A writer’s manifesto fellow procrastinator’s will like.
  2. Statistics on public pre-college educational expenditures per student.
  3. No words can truly describe. A man with a plan thinks about dating.
  4. It’s always frustrating to learn elite colleges don’t like holding their students to high standards. Being prissy with the future rich and powerful isn’t something any institution really wants to do.
  5. Issues with the current generation of academics.
  6. Why do they stay?, a post by Hilzoy on domestic abuse/violence. Very thoughtful. Fascinating.
  7. Megan McCardle thinks the Fed is undemocratic. Kevin Drum responds this line of reasoning shows exactly why both libertarianism and extreme populism are poor governing philosophies. I think this debate is beyond my knowledge. I dislike complete trust in technocrats, as I dislike trusting any class of people. But I distrust and dislike Congress even more. Its members, generally, lack the knowledge and curiosity to be effective as national legislators.

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