Posted by: CJ | April 4, 2009

Legalization Timeline?

There’s a fair amount on the web today about legalizing marijuana. And it’s coming from respectable enough sources that I’m thinking this idea is finally starting to edge it’s way into mainstream respectability. (Joe Klein even wrote an article with a hilarious opening.) Not there yet, but on the edges slowly moving towards the center.

In my lifetime there’s only one other thing like that I’ve seen come to fruition: gay marriage. Granted, that battle is still being fought. But it’s going to be won, and in my lifetime. The younger generations are simply too supportive.

So…my big question is how long ago was gay marriage just on the edges of respectability? I’m guessing pot could potentially be legalized in a similar timeline.

(As much of a fan as I am about pot being legalized, it’s not quite for the same reasons as Will Wilkinson. I’m not a smoker. And I don’t care about medicinal benefits. I just think it’s ridiculous for it to be illegal given the consequences illegality seems to cause. Call it the Prohibition argument. And the racial discrimination it causes, even unintentionally simply because it targets lower socioeconomic classes more by it’s nature, offends me.)



  1. Awesome opening.

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