Posted by: CJ | March 29, 2009

Watchmen (No Spoilers)

Just saw the movie. The intro credits were pretty cool. The movie didn’t sustain the momentum after that. Like 300, which was directed by the same guy, it was mostly eye candy. The comic itself was amazing, but most of that got lost in translation. My biggest criticisms are the following.

  1. The movie couldn’t replicate the gritty feel of the comic. The Watchmen comic strived for a feeling of realism, and it achieved it to a remarkable extent. But the bar for making the reader of a comic book put into that frame of mind is a lot lower than for a viewer of a movie. They didn’t quite make it.
  2. For periods of time in the movie the plot seemed to completely stall because they were doing background on the characters. It worked much better in the comic book format.
  3. The gratuitous eye-candy got boring after awhile. You certainly can’t sustain it for over 2 hours. Not to mention it was really frustrating that the female characters seemed, in general, to be put in a worse light than the males. And completely shut out of the broader discussion of morality and duties of super-heroes.

I liked the movie alright, but I prefer the comic book much more. The movie itself is more memorable for cinematography than for it’s attempts to replicate the plot and feel of the comic.

UPDATE: I thought of a 4th issue I have with the movie. In the comic book there were both male and female gay relationships amongst super-heros. In the movie only the lesbian relationships showed up. That irks me.


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