Posted by: CJ | March 28, 2009

You’ll all come wimpering back to us

Like most enlightened midwesterners I’m no longer in the midwest. That’s why the coastal elites dub us the enlightened ones. But long term I’ve always suspected that the midwest has a long-term advantage that will lead to greater growth in the future: we’re not a friggin’ desert. In fact, we have lots of water and WE’RE NOT SHARING!

The fact that California is a friggin’ desert is, unsurprisingly, a growing problem. Particularly since it’s government has entirely too many crazies.

And speaking of crazies in California having fun adventures with water and governance, Megan’s chronicles of Los Osos are hilarious. And even more reason to suspect that Californians will one day come wimpering back to the midwest.



  1. Yep, we can water our lawns, play in sprinklers, take hour long showers, and wash our cars. Not a bad trade off for no real coffeeshops or bookstores once global warming starts stretching the mercury.

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