Posted by: CJ | March 28, 2009

Further Joys of the Midwest

Belle feels betrayed by her family’s cooking “secrets”. I can only offer my sympathies. But the bright side is she had no reason to feel so self-conscious. Like her blog banner says, “Belle, you are mighty too”.

The closest I’ve ever come to a feeling like that was every so often discovering some family member’s pithy pearls of wisdom came from a book. But my family was fond of plagiarism being the sincerest form of flattery, not to mention convenient, and, after all, why bother trying to say something better if it’s already been said well? So I got over it.

But on food, my family’s midwestern roots and lack of very ethnic cuisine does mean I never have this problem. I hear more about cooking from scratch, especially using local organic foods, from yuppie college friends than my parents and grandparents. My parents and grandparents, having nothing in particular to prove about themselves, are much more comfortable telling me to use as much prepackaged stuff as possible because it’s cheaper AND easier. I have a sneaking suspicious this is the sort of compromise in life one becomes substantially more comfortable with after having kids.


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