Posted by: CJ | March 26, 2009

Where’s Jonathan Swift?

Being a tv-less, card-carrying member of ivory tower academia, I hadn’t been paying much attention to the “octomom” saga. Truth be told, I’d assumed people were just obsessed with some cuteness factor.

How very, very wrong I was. Today I finally was so board to look up the Wikipedia article on Nadya Suleman. I’ve spent the rest of the day muttering to myself that humanity is doomed.



  1. Eh, the welfare burden thing is just a drop in the financial bucket. Now, the problems of overpopulation and how this army of kids will be healthily raised, that’s another issue.

    Semi-relatedly, I’m comforted by the notion that elective vasectomies might be covered by medical insurance (?! — or so this article seems to imply). Tempted to call my carrier right now.

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