Posted by: CJ | March 25, 2009

Forget Joe Pesci, I’m putting up a Joe Biden shrine

In one of my favorite George Carlin skits (though there are so many great ones it’s hard to choose), Carlin explains that he’s started praying to Joe Pesci. His reasoning, as always, is impeccable. He decided he needed something more visible, more results oriented, and less preachy to worship. So he starts worshiping the sun. But he wouldn’t presume to pray to the sun, because it might infringe on their friendship. So instead he prays to Joe Pesci, with about the same 50% rate of response.

And, of course, Carlin is so much more fun and reasonable to listen to than Bill Maher.

Well, I may have to consider praying to Joe Biden. I complained just yesterday that Joe Biden wasn’t being allowed to talk unscripted enough, and low and behold he goes and talks semi-unscripted at a Gridiron Dinner. (Though I’m sure it was mostly scripted.) It’s not as good as Biden’s best moments, but I guess I’ll just have to have faith.


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