Posted by: CJ | March 25, 2009

A new dualism

There’s a simple difference between liberals and conservatives, or so I’ve been told. A conservative thinks intelligence is genetic while homosexuality is a sociological (i.e. a choice, one that speaks badly of the chooser and those who raised him), while liberals think homosexuality is genetic and intelligence has a strong sociological component. While not literally true, I think it has that kernel of truth that makes it a useful stereotype.

Reading a post by Comerade PhysioProf, I found a new dualism. The post itself is very interesting, explaining why originalism makes no sense because it disregards the 9th amendment. (And that it is unfortunate liberal jurisprudence has basically never made use of the 9th amendment.) I really liked the post in how it explains what the point of the 9th amendment was supposed to be, something that was very nebulous in all the discussions about the constitution in high school history courses. But in the course of discussing that, the author throws out

This theory [Originalism] is, of course, very convenient for furthering the conservative goal of greater power of the government over the affairs of individuals (but not over corporations), as in application it hampers the full enforcement of our naturally endowed individual rights against government action.

So I guess I have a new dualism for conservatism and liberalism. Conservatives want government to regulate people to be more conservative but want corporations to be unregulated, while liberals want corporations but not individuals to be regulated. Ok, makes enough sense to me.

(H/T: Paul Gowder, who also links to another post where Comrade PhysioProf is outraged at commenters focusing on a female scientist’s looks instead of her science.)


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