Posted by: CJ | March 24, 2009

Proper Outrage

In a recent post, Ezra Klein gets a good level for outrage about Wall Street’s behavior. His view is that after how badly their market gaming screwed things up, people on Wall Street should publicly be doing Hail Marys AND offering to help the government, essentially pro bono,  get things fixed. Wall Street people being greedy and unhelpful in the best of times, that they’re not doing the later is hardly surprising. (Though it is still unfortunate and a sign they should all be drafted.) But many people on Wall Street, particularly some of the people in charge, don’t even seem to be doing the former. I find that troubling.

Regardless, I endorse Ezra’s message. Maybe not his use of comic book characters to illustrate it, but I certainly resent how unhelpful Wall Street in general is being, and has been.



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