Posted by: CJ | March 24, 2009

Mel Brooks vs. Monty Python: Inquisition Cage Match

Unlike my droning inquisition, Mel Brooks and Monty Python both had funny inquisitions. But in different ways. Monty Python, predictably enough, focused their sketch on unpredictable absurdities. Mel Brooks, equally predictably, parodied Broadway, Hollywood, and anti-semitism. Though I have many friends who love Monty Python in ways that should make their significant others jealous, and although I like Monty Python and especially its inquisition sketch too, it’s not as good as Mel Brooks for one important reason: I can hum Mel Brooks’ sketch. I could even dance to Mel Brooks’ sketch if I wanted.

That settles it. No amount of absurdist comedy can compete with a song and dance skit.

This simple reason is also why I’m waiting for Mel Brooks’ The Passion of the Christ instead of merely accepting The Life of Brian as an acceptable substitute. If Monty Python can come up with “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life,” just think what Mel Brooks could do!


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