Posted by: CJ | March 24, 2009

I knew it!

For anyone wondering why legal opinions have become progressively more strange and out of touch with reality over the past several decades, this post at The Monkey Cage (with pretty pictures!) has a suggestion. Though they don’t quite phrase it this way, based on how law departments at universities hire their own graduates so much my interpretation is that they’re a bunch of gibbering, drooling, incestuous inbred hicks hicks and bluebloods. No offense to law school grads I do like, such as Belle, Amber, and Megan & Sherry.

UPDATE: It was pointed out to me, rightly, that being gibbering, drooling, incestuous, and inbred does not automatically imply being a hick. The European aristocracy are a splendid example, or at least were before deciding WWI was a fantastic way to maintain their bases of power. The above text has been accordingly corrected.



  1. […] In my recent post on inbreeding in law, I forgot to mention that Paul Gowder is also a remarkably sane lawyer. As with Belle and Megan […]

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