Posted by: CJ | March 24, 2009

Class Warfare! The Apocalypse! WOOO!

I particularly like this Felix Salmon piece interpreting some recent politics from the viewpoint of innumerate politicians and constituents engaging in true class warfare. Having spent the better part of my life with serious issues of the socioeconomic upper-crust of the US, I don’t have a particular problem with this. Though, being a science grad student, I naturally wish that it was a highly numerate class warfare. But I guess I can’t have everything.

I don’t really believe that class warfare is what’s happening. But part of me does believe that it wouldn’t hurt some of the upper-crust to remember that if they (or some subset of them) can’t restrain themselves from excessive risk-taking for the good of their company, their stock-holders, or their country, then maybe they should avoid it for their own good. Because if you manage to screw over a lot of people in your country, odds are excellent they will be very, very angry at you and the people you work with.

(Hat tip: Kevin Drum)


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