Posted by: CJ | March 24, 2009

And Paul!

In my recent post on inbreeding in law, I forgot to mention that Paul Gowder is also a remarkably sane lawyer. As with Belle and Megan & Sherry, I suspect this has a great deal to do with him no longer being a lawyer. I realized my omision when I saw two posts, one recent and one older, that I really like.

The recent post wonders aloud if anti-trust laws could be used against airport shops to bring their prices down to reasonable levels. I don’t know the law, and I don’t care what legal dark magic he uses. But making it so I don’t have to pay $2.75 for an Odwalla bar, let alone $10 for a meal that makes McDonald’s Chicken McNuggets look tasty, is an unadulterated objective good. I wonder if anyone has a legal fund we could contribute to?

The other post is on internships. Specifically, he thinks unpaid internships violate the FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act). Read the post, but this is another area where he’s finding a way to have law do the work of angels. Unpaid internships are massively unfair to students who don’t have the financial resources to work away from home for a summer for no pay. In fact, and I had no idea about this until reading the post, Dartmouth has proposed creating scholarships to support students in unpaid internships.

And, in answer to Paul’s question, people go to Seattle because they get tired of how yellow California looks in the summer. The place is a desert.



  1. Why, thank you! (And welcome to the blogosphere.)

    I think every grouchy activist ex-lawyer is sorely tempted to make intermittent returns to the law just to engage in what my old EF!er friends call “legal monkeywrenching.” One lovely legal aid lawyer I know insists that when she retires she’ll just take a shopping cart down to the courthouse and spend her days filing lawsuits against everyone and everything that annoys her. Or, perhaps, that’s a fine post-tenure activity?

  2. Thanks for the welcome! And few images warm my heart more than a bunch of old geezer lawyers deciding that since they have free time, which they probably call non-billable hours, they should start annoying people with their mounds of legal knowledge.

    I wonder if there’s a legal fund for that too?

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