Posted by: CJ | March 22, 2009

This goes beyond partisanship…

While I appreciate that the comment was not in the most professional of taste, who really cares about Obama’s “special olympics bowling” comment? It was off the cuff, it was amusing. And beyond any partisanship, I am thoroughly for off the cuff and amusing, and against the nattering nabobs of negativism and (apparently) seemliness objecting to my entertainment.

I supported Joe Biden for vice-president, as well as Mike Huckabee as the GOP nominee, solely because he makes me laugh so hard. Unfortunately,Obama and others have seemed to realize that Biden is not someone you want talking to the media unscripted, so I feel betrayed. I think I deserve an administration with some humor, and I’m offended at people, particularly partisans and 24 hour news networks looking for anything to fill the space, suggesting that I shouldn’t get my jollies. It’s un-American, except without HUAC to make it sufficiently clear.

Anyways, I’m glad I’ve cleared that up. I have a blog to make a difference in the world, after all.


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