Posted by: CJ | March 20, 2009

The Crimes of Grandmothers

I’m back home again for a week, on break. While having a bagel today with raspberry preserves my Grandma made earlier in the year, I realized that she’s made my life much more difficult. Raspberries from my Grandparents’ garden are delicious–tangy, sweet, and wonderful. Raspberries from the grocery store are usually horrible in comparison. I literally can’t even eat them. But I love raspberries, so I have to fork over a fair amount of money at farmer’s markets if I want them. I blame it all on Grandma. She’s trying to ruin my happiness by setting my standards too high. Similar things have happened with all sorts of desserts–though that’s been moderated by my Grandpa’s deep belief that there’s no such thing as a bad pastry as long as it has enough sugar and fat.

Oh well, at least I’m home for right now so I can be spoiled…


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