Posted by: CJ | March 14, 2009

I think I’m living in interesting times…

…when I realize, yet again, that Jon Stewart is the most credible active journalist today. For the past week he and CNBC have been sniping at each other about CNBC’s financial reporting not only being bad, but actively harmful to the people who listened to it. Jim Cramer went on the show a few days ago, and the results were not pretty. Cramer capitulated on pretty much every point, didn’t even bother to defend himself most of the time. There are links for the interview pretty much everywhere–just try the daily show site, for starters.

Out of curiosity about the run-up to the whole event I checked out what Wikipedia had to say. Generally I’ve found wikipedia to be very reliable. Life without wikipedia would be a sad, sad thing. But I found one of the few instances of wiki-defacement with this passage,

Subsequent wars of words with CNBC’s Mad Money host Jim Cramer led to a highly anticipated face-to-face confrontation on Stewart’s show on March 12, 2009. Each time Mr. Cramer tried to respond to Stewart’s baiting, he was assailed by shouting and obscene language by an out of control Stewart. Cramer remained calm and respectful throughout the tirade.

Wikipedia isn’t supposed to take sides, so the above passage is fairly against the spirit of wikipedia. I found it somewhat interesting though. I mean, really, who’s going to defend Jim Cramer? Jim Cramer couldn’t even be bothered to defend Jim Cramer when he was on the show!

We live in interesting times indeed.


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