Posted by: CJ | March 1, 2009

But they smell so bad!

One of my professors had a hilarious story he told me several days ago. One of the professors in the department is a Indian female. (India like the subcontinent, not like the indigenous societies of North America.) She grew up in India and her extended family still lives there. But she ended up marrying a man she met in the US sometime.

The funny part was when she told her grandmother that she was marrying a white man. Her grandmother apparently spent the entire day after that fretting and unhappy, until she finally admitted that she was so upset because the professor was going to marry someone who never bathed.

If you’re confused at this point, so was I. Then my professor explained what was going on. Since this was in India, almost all the white men this Indian grandmother had seen were hippies. (Apparently the British weren’t around there.) So, to her, white people didn’t bathe. Not to mention they were strange, weird, and entirely unfit for her intelligent and cultivated daughter to marry.

The story made me laugh pretty hard. I guess it also contains the fairly important point that you really can’t judge people based on experiences with a subgroup some 20 to 30+ plus years ago. But mostly it just made me laugh.



  1. They had hippies and not British? I’m pretty clueless about India, but…I’m trying to imagine where the Beatles could go that there wouldn’t be both hippies and British.

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