Posted by: CJ | February 28, 2009

Friday afternoons around my department…

The end of the week is strange, when people stop thinking rationally and celebrate silliness to relax. So I’m currently listening to a conversation between 4 friends, from 4 different nations, about gender and archangels. At one point one of them, painfully and pleadingly, nearly shouts out, “How am I supposed to know, I’ve never seen an archangel.”

Soon after the conversation moves on to God being an elderly white man. Except that one of them confuses Santa with God, which they quickly justify by deciding that, based on Christmas, Santa is Jesus and so since Jesus is God we have that Santa is God.

I don’t see how I’m supposed to get any work done with the Four Stooges Do the Gospel right outside my office. I’m laughing too hard.



  1. the problem is you were still trying to think rationally. One completely illogical thought a day is needed to keep you primed for Fridays.

    It’s best if you consider penguins.

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