Posted by: CJ | February 7, 2009

Things that apparently set me off

The professor I TA for mentioned a few days ago in passing that he felt like he had to tease me frequently because I seem like such a serious guy. Apparently I don’t react well to that statement. It was one of a few reasons a girl I really liked once said she didn’t think she’d ever date me. So I make a slightly aggressive counter-remark. It would be nice if such things didn’t really annoy me even several years after the fact. Oh well…

In any case, this comic seems relevant.



  1. I’m laughing soooo hard at the comic. You do know that when people say things like that to you, it’s meant essentially affectionatley if it’s in the context of the professor. Now as to not being a reason to date you, that’s different–but generally, people just mean something like they want to know that you’re enjoying some aspect of being with them.

    Maybe I’ll buy you a red rubber nose for your birthday and you can wear it one day each week–then they’ll see your fun side.

  2. am sending you a rubber duckey for your bathtub, how can they say any one that has a spiderman lamp on his desk is to serious????

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