Posted by: CJ | February 7, 2009

Frustrating Bloggers

This post by Megan McArdle is an excellent example of why I really distrust her analysis of things but still read her. The short version of the post, which was written several months ago, is that she wants to talk about the human impact of the financial crisis and basically says 1) It’s going to be terrible and 2) devolves into a big story about herself and how she had to pull herself up by her bootstraps after college.

On the one hand, I dislike her post because it’s so focused on her, and her suffering, and her loss of an expected job, and her incompetance. I can understand human interest stories, but she comes off as really self-absorbed. Which characterizes a fair amount of her writing. Oh, and she also slips in some union-bashing. On the other hand, it’s an interesting story that gives me a bit more of a clue about how someone who has suffered such financial difficulties can still be a libertarian in any sense.

In any case, it is interesting if you’re curious about post college adventures of an East Coast, Ivy League English major who got a UChicago MBA.


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