Posted by: CJ | February 6, 2009

Small Victories Watch II

I was at a student get together a few days ago and one of the young-ish professors was also there. He mentioned that someone from my college was applying to the university and in one of the recommendations a professor from my college said the student had an ability level comparable to mine. He meant it as a nice thing (because the professors still remembered me and thought highly enough of me that they considered it a good recommendation to say a student had ability comparable to mine), but in typical scientist communication patterns it took me a few minutes of conversation to understand what he meant. (After all, I knew my professors well enough that I know they of course remember me, and they never left me in doubt that they liked and respected me.) Still, it’s nice to know that for a fact. Small victories…



  1. Small victories add up, and you can eventually trade them in for a mondo-self esteem-trade up.

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