Posted by: CJ | January 31, 2009

Conversational Ticks…

I have bad issues with conversations. There are many situations I’m fine in, but I can only sustain a conversation with someone I know a little if it becomes an exchange of information. And that happened again last night. I was talking to a grad student and we spent awhile talking about his research area. It was really interesting, but I felt more like talking about something that would amuse me. Unfortunately it’s hard to talk to science grad students about pop culture or politics things–they’re often either uninterested, or view it as something with a right/wrong answer instead of something to be appreciated for its humor.

I need to work on this. What kind of conversation can you have with someone you know, but not well, that isn’t just exchanging information, like math or talking about board games or such? Those conversations get boring so fast because I’ve had so many of them and had them so often.


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