Posted by: CJ | January 30, 2009

You youngin’s have it sooooo easy….

This makes me pretty annoyed. I somehow missed hearing about it when the article came out, the end of last December, but I’m making up for it with annoyance now. The article is just about the College Board, administrator of the SAT test, deciding to let students who take the test multiple times only have their highest score reported. This is unfair because it gives students with money to a spend a way to make themselves look a lot better by taking the test over and over again. At least I’m not the only unamused person; the article says a number of highly selective colleges and universities are making it a requirement for their applications that all test scores are submitted instead of just the highest ones.

Regardless of the issues of fairness and admissions, it’s hard to to think this change isn’t something the College Board is doing to increase revenues by getting people to take the test more times.



  1. Did you hear that the Ohio Governor is planning on requiring every high school student take the ACT? Other big changes too. Not sure I agree with them all; very ivory tower!

  2. Getting every student in Ohio to take the ACT? That would sure change their score distributions…

    I wonder what they’re hoping to accomplish and what research they have backing up the idea that’s the way to do it. Regardless, I bet ACT, inc., which administers the test, is delighted at the idea.

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