Posted by: CJ | January 28, 2009

Undergrad advice…

I mentioned Paul Gowder’s comments on being a lawyer in the previous post. That made me remember he and Belle had two other posts that were really, really great advice for undergraduates.

The first, by Belle, talks about how well-roundedness in college is good. And she doesn’t mean it just from a perspective of a humanities major who thinks is a good idea to take basic college statistics and science courses anyways. She also thinks you should take courses in all sorts of other departments.

While Belle thinks being well-rounded is just a necessary part of being educated, Paul thinks you should take many courses so you can really discover what you do and don’t like. Paul also includes a basic list of science and social science topics he thinks everyone that goes to college should learn. I mostly agree with his list, though I’m unsure about knowing a foreign language and think some basic macroeconomics and basic logic should be known as well. But those are mostly quibbles. The most important quote from Paul’s post, I think, is this:

“The basic premise of this sequence [of posts] is that undergraduates don’t have enough information to make the choices we ask them to make. Without some years of experience in the higher education system or in life, or very good advice, it’s easy to make academic decisions that will have life-long consequences without any idea what considerations one must take into account.”

Anyways, wanted to pass that along to whomever.


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