Posted by: CJ | January 25, 2009

The awesomeness of John Stuart Mill

I won’t explain how awesome John Stuart Mill is here since Chris Blattman already did here.  But, basically, John Stuart Mill was a granola-eating, tree-hugging, liberal with common sense before it was cool. He also wrote what is probably my favorite prayer/plea for reason:

“Lord, enlighten thou our enemies. Sharpen their wits, give acuteness to their perceptions, and consecutiveness and clearness to their reasoning powers: we are in danger from their folly, not from their wisdom; their weakness is what fills us with apprehension, not their strength..”

It’s apparently from his essay on Coleridge, though I haven’t been able to find a copy online to verify that. Anyways, that’s where the subtitle for the blog comes from–hoping for more intelligent and informed intellectual opponents. Given the current state of conservative though I think it’s a valid thing to pray for.


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