Posted by: CJ | January 25, 2009

Link disclaimers

Since I have all those links on the side I should probably explain a bit about them. Specifically that some of them I like and generally agree with,  while others I like to read because I learn from them while disagreeing with them.

The economics ones are all written by professional academic economists. Out of them I like Brad DeLong the best because he posts frequently, he posts his class material, and he is an economic historian with an acid tongue and a righteous belief that anyone who is both publicly and flippantly wrong should be spared no mercy. (And I copped the subtitle of my blog from this post of his.) I like Mankiw least because he’s economically conservative and either an ideologue or a hack (how else does one serve as the chairman of Bush’s Council of Economic Advisors).

The life and rampant intellectualism links are for some sociologists and lawyers who write fairly personal but extremely self-conscious and intellectual blogs. I read them because I learn interesting things from them, but I don’t know what else to say about them.

The politics links are to a mixed bag of people, some of whom I read daily and others I read weekly or less. I like Kevin Drum best because he’s the most even-handed and analytical. Matt Yglesias can be fun to read but, as the people at Fire Megan McArdle point out, he’s neither as progressive or prescient as one would hope from an up-and-coming liberal pundit.

Speaking of McArdle, I mostly read her for entertainment; I generally disagree with her and have a hard time respecting both her arguments and her commitment to the reality-based community. I also don’t like how her blogging style is based extensively on her personal experiences since I think that emphasis comes at the expense of more careful and thoughtful analysis. But she often asks interesting questions or makes interesting mistakes, so I read her anyways. She’s also one of the few conservative pundits that I think I learn something by reading. (Though, that said, she also makes very bad points, like we should listen to the people who thought Iraq was a good idea instead of people who thought it was a bad idea. Thankfully Brad DeLong and Julian Sanchez, along with half the liberal blogosphere, both wrote good rebuttals of her post.)

The webcomics are comics. They make me laugh, or at least provoke a moderate chortle a plurality of the time.

That’s all, and it was only for the record anyways…


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