Posted by: CJ | January 25, 2009

Jack Chick, Cthulhu, etc.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the hilarious Cthulhu Chick tract parody to my mom and Grandpa. Neither of them had heard of Chick tracts, so this is just a public service post. Here are all of Jack Chick tracts, which are so offensive they actually are too comical to be harmful. I really recommend reading a few because they are so funny.

Anyways, someone eventually made a great parody of the Chick tracts that instead has a minister telling a congregant he needs to start worshipping the Elder Gods. It’s one of my favorite comic shorts, so I really recommend reading it too.



  1. I laughed…I really shouldn’t, but….wow.

  2. chris ,thanks, im forwording thechicks to grandmaws sunday school class,they will proubally use them as study guides gpaw (now ill go to hell for sure)

  3. This parody is hilarious. Judging from what I’ve found elsewhere on the internet, Chick Publications doesn’t take criticism too well. They’ve threatened many people with legal action who make parodies of their comics or who criticize them. I made a new blog ( which examines Jack Chick’s tracts from a non-fundamentalist Christian perspective. I suppose Chick ever gets a whiff of it, they might send me a letter as well!

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